How To Use Feed Filters

Feed Filters give you powerful control over the stories posted to your feed. Each time a post is inserted into your feed, each rule is evaluated against it, from top to bottom. If the rule is a match, then the specified action is taken.

The rule criteria is defined by the first 3 columns - Author, Application, and Other. You must select a value from one or more of these criteria. If you leave a criteria blank, that means any value is a match. For example, if you don't select a specific author, then the rule will match posts from any author. If you select one or more values, then for the post to match it must match one of the selected values! Note: If no criteria is selected at all, then the rule will not match anything.

If a filter rule matches a post, then whatever is selected in the Action column will be performed on the post.


All of your friends are listed here, as well as all the pages that you "Like". If you select one or more items from this list, then only posts made by the selected authors will match the rule.


The most common applications are listed here, but you can add your own comma-separated list of application id's if you want to take an action on an app that is not listed.
To find the ID of an application, go to and find its name in the search box. Go to the app's page and you'll see a url like this: . The application ID is the number at the end!


You can filter posts by the content within the post. For example, you may want to hide all posts that contain the text "world cup". You can enter the text here, and the innerHTML of the entire post will be lowercased and matched against this exact string. Be careful of spaces, because they have to match exactly too!

In this field you can also insert a regular expression, if you are familiar with them. These take a form like this:

Using regular expressions, you can create complex matching rules which will match a lot of different text combinations. Before experimenting with regular expression rules, be sure to learn more about them.

You can also filter by selector rule. This is for advanced users only!. In this field, you can enter a CSS selector which will be tested against each post's HTML structure. For example, you can enter something like this:

which will match all "photo" posts.
Like regular expressions, this is a "power user" feature, and intended to be used by people who are very familiar with HTML and CSS.


Hide: Do not show the post. Obviously.
Minimize: Remove the picture and some of the spacing around the post so it takes up less space, but is still visible.
Appliy CSS Class: If you understand CSS, you can add a class to the <li> element when it matches your filter. You can then to into the CSS tab and specify a CSS rule to format the post or its contents however you wish. This is a powerful method of customizing your display!
Move to Tab: Create a tab in the feed and move the post to this tab.
If you are filtering by application, you can specify "<app_name>" as the name of the tab, and the application's name will be used to create the tab. So, for example, you may want to filter 10 different games you play. You can just select them all in one rule, and move to tab "<app_name>" (without the quotes) and each will be moved to its own tab by name.
Stop processing rules: If checked, and if a post matches this rule, then the remaining rules will NOT be processed. You can use this to take special action for Farmville posts, for example, in the first rule. Then in the second rule, you may take action on all application posts. If the first rule had "Stop processing rules" checked, then Farmville posts would match it and the second rule would not be evaluated, so the posts would (correctly) not be processed twice.

Other Options

Always show all defined tabs (even if no posts are moved there): If this option is checked, then any rules you have defined with "Move to Tab" checked will have the tab created, even if there are no posts to move there. This gives you a more consistent look, since you will always have the same tabs, in the same order.
Automatically move known App (those in list below) posts to their own tab: This is a simple way to move posts by applications to their own tabs. It will automatically move any posts from known apps to a tab with the name of the app.

Feed Filter Examples

Move My Apps To Tabs

Leave the Author and Other criteria empty. Select only the applications that you use in the Application criteria. Then select "Move to Tab" and type in a tab name. Now all posts from your applications will be in the "Games" tab and can be easily read separately from your main feed.

Highlight Specific Posts

Maybe you want to higlight status updates from one of your friends if they have anything to do with football, so you can be sure not to miss them. Let's do that...

This rule has been setup to match only posts by Friend 1, only status updates, and only if they contain the text "football". In this case, my Action is to apply a CSS class of "yellow". This is an arbitrary class name and can be anything I want. But now I have to define the formatting for that class. That's what the CSS tab is for!

Here we have defined a class selector ".yellow" and given it a background color. Now the post will get this formatting!

(Now isn't that cool?!)