Privacy Check: See What The Public Sees When They View Your Profile!

facebook_key[1]Facebook is a great site to share life’s moments with family and friends, but how much of your personal/private information are you exposing to the world? Find out in one click with this _official_ Facebook link:

This is a link to Facebook’s own feature that shows you what your Timeline looks like to the Public - that is, anyone with a Facebook account. If you don’t like what you see, you better dive into your privacy settings!

Also, take a look at the top - you can view your Timeline as anyone.


Wondering what your mom, ex-boyfriend, or boss sees when they look at your page? Take a peek as them to make sure you aren’t exposing more than you think you are.

Want to learn more about your privacy settings? Here are some links that might help:

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Hope this helps!

Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer