Social Fixer 21.0 Release Notes


Social Fixer Version 21.0 includes a few fixes and small improvements.


Install the 21.0 update from

Changes And Fixes In This Release

  • Fixes to Post Filtering and “Enter in Comments” functionality
    • Affected mostly Firefox 56 and other variations
  • NEW: Export/Import Social Fixer settings directly to/from files

    • Using the new “Save To File” and “Load From File” buttons, it’s now easier than ever to save a copy of your Social Fixer settings to your local drive for safe backup.
  • Fixed a missing message/link to “Filtered Messages” in the Messages dropdown
  • Fixed comment navigator bug (PR #86)
  • Fixed some of the links and functionality in the “Tips” section

Questions? Problems? Need Support?

The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer