Social Fixer 25.0 Fixes and Improvements


Social Fixer Version 25.0 Release Notes


Install the 25.0 update from

Major Improvements

  • Improved filtering of Sponsored Posts
  • Fix Enter adapted for recent FB changes
  • Comment Navigator adapted for recent FB changes
  • Fixes to Friend Manager/Tracker
  • More reliable checking for filtered messages

Minor Changes

  • Several draggable and window-shadeable elements now have tooltips mentioning these features
  • ‘Enabled’ and tweak order may be edited inside the tweak editor
  • Filtering improvements:
    • ‘Stop On Match’, ‘Enabled’, and filter order may be edited inside the filter editor
    • ‘Photo Caption’ can now use matching operators like ‘Starts with’
    • Filters (including Hide Posts) can search both post text & photo caption
    • ‘Add CSS Class’ action may be applied to a selector
    • Do not match invalid selectors with ‘Matches CSS Selector’

Internal Changes

  • Userscript edition is described as ‘userscript’ rather than ‘greasemonkey’
  • Preliminary support for userscript edition under Greasemonkey 4.x
  • Behavior was improved on browser ‘back’ action
  • Robustness of Friend Manager / Friend Tracker improved
  • ‘Unread Filtered Messages’ feature fixed on Firefox
  • Default style of posts marked ‘Read’ is more consistently visible

Questions? Problems? Need Support?

The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer