Release Notes

Social Fixer 12.0: Comment button, image previews, and more

logo_detailed_20053_thumbVersion 12.0 restores the “Submit Comment” button, adds Ctrl+Enter as a way to submit comments, fixes most image previews when hovering, and more.


Install the 12.0 update from

What's Fixed / Changed

  • Submitting comments is now better than ever! This update adds a “Submit comment” button you can click to post comments. You can also (optionally) use Ctrl+enter to submit, and Tab+Enter still works too.

    • Image previews when hovering over thumbnails and profile pictures now works in most cases.
      • settings may cause some profile pictures to appear as the default FB Pic.
        • In some cases, image previews still don’t work, but I’m working on it.</ul>
        • Fixed the Messages dropdown so clicking a message doesn’t open it in the chat window
          • Fixed the hiding of user information popup when hovering over user names</ul> ## What’s Removed

          • I disabled the comment “reply” feature completely until I can fix it. It is broken because of major code changes in the internals of Facebook. So far I haven’t been able to make it work with their new code.

            • Removed the Social Fixer News link and subscription. Facebook removed my list with over 2.4 million subscribers, without an explanation or even notifying me! My emails to them about this have gone unanswered. This is extremely frustrating.
              • Removed the “Automatically expand “SHOW X SIMILAR POSTS” links” option because it no longer applies and doesn’t do anything. </ul> #### Questions? Problems? Need Support?

              The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

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              Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer

Social Fixer 11.2: Bug Fixes, Missed Stories, Font Options

logo_detailed_20053_thumbVersion 11.2 is a minor patch update that squashes a few bugs, fixes a few more annoyances, and adds a few new user-requested features. 

Install the 11.2 update by going to

What's New

  • New Option [Layout Tab]: Add a link to “Missed Stories” in the left side navigation. (This was a user request). This is a Facebook feature that not everyone knows about, that shows you stories that may not have appeared in your News Feed. It is enabled by default, but you can remove it by hovering over it and click the “x” that appears.
  • New Option [Display Tab]: Change the default font to whatever you choose. Enter a valid font name and everything on Facebook should change. (This was a user request).
  • The Events section in left side navigation can now be hidden by hovering and clicking the “x” in the upper right.
  • New Option [Advanced Tab]: “Use MutationObserver to watch for inserted content”. If you are experiencing performance problems or your browser is locking up, you can try enabling this option to see if it helps. It just uses a different way to detect new content added to the page by Facebook. I haven’t yet figured out why this method works much better for only some users.

What's Fixed / Changed

  • In some cases Top Stories mode was incorrectly identified, switching users to Most Recent in error.
    • The “Reply” link added to comments by Social Fixer now works more consistently and correctly and won’t be added if Facebook’s built-in Reply link is already there.
      • Image preview was showing when viewing pictures in the “lighbox” popup, making it difficult to tag friends. (This was a user request).
        • Reorganized the Options for post processing, action icons, control panel, etc in the “Posts” tab.</ul> ## Important Notes

        Here are some notes to address user comments, questions, and concerns:

        • Uploaded animated gifs never animate - only posted links to gifs with previews will animate. This is not a problem, and can’t be fixed because Facebook automatically converts uploaded gif files to jpg which removes the animation.
          • Using Tab –> Enter to submit comments fails for some users intermittently. Facebook is testing new code for its comment box, and I need to update my code to be compatible with it. I’m aware of the problem and will work on this.
            • For some users, clicking the Home link when on one of their Pages causes an infinite reload loop. I haven’t yet been able to identify the root cause of this or reproduce it myself.
              • If Events is in your Favorites in the left column and you hide it using Social Fixer’s “x”, a blank space is left. This isn’t a problem I will address, because if you don’t want it in Favorites you can just remove it from Favorites!
                • Safari 7.1 has some issues with extensions, and users may think Social Fixer won’t install. This is a Safari issue, and it usually works if you remove the extension, reboot, then install it again.</ul> ## Questions? Problems? Need Support?

                The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

                Please, Donate_ **to support development!_

                Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer

Social Fixer 11.0: Bug Fixes + Animated Gifs In News Feed

logo_detailed_20053Version 11 of Social Fixer fixes a number of bugs, including problems in Firefox 32, some things not hiding, etc. It also adds support for animated GIFs on Facebook! 

Install the 11.0 update by going to

What's New

  • Animated GIF support! These are animated graphics, commonly used on many sites like Reddit to express reactions to posts and comments. Facebook doesn’t show them as moving images – just a still frame. Social Fixer now has an option (in the “Popular” tab) that enables the animation on these types of images, so they appear moving right in your news feed and in comments.

What's Fixed

  • Firefox32 problems with themes, Guided Setup, etc.
    • Auto-switch to Most Recent view of the news feed.
      • Some items in the left column and panels in the right column were no longer hiding if marked as hidden.
        • Full timestamps on posts
          • Some Chat options stopped working. The “compact” view has been fixed.
            • Always lock the blue bar at the top of the page, regardless of page size
              • Items in the “My …” boxes in the left column now display correctly</ul> ## Options That Have Been Removed

              Due to changes in Facebook’s code, sometimes it’s no longer possible for me to offer some options. And in some cases, their code changes have broken my features enough that I haven’t had time to figure out how to fix them. So, sometimes options have to be removed. Here is a list of options that I have removed in this release.

              • [Popular] Hide “Trending Articles” and “Trending Videos”
                • [Layout] Expand “Messages” to show the “Other” folder unread count
                  • [Layout] Add “My Friends” and Blocked Friends & Apps” links to left navigation
                    • [Layout] Show all available sections in the left navigation bar
                      • [Posts] Prevent external link redirection
                        • [Chat] Show all online friends in chat list
                          • [Chat] Change profile images in Chat conversation windows to friend names