Social Fixer has a wide range of features to make your Facebook experience better. Here are some of the popular ones:

Powerful filtering capabilities allow you to create rules that process the posts in your feed. Hide stories by keyword, author, application, etc. Organize your feed into tabs to group posts into categories. Advanced users can even apply HTML classes to posts that match rules, and add CSS styles to customize how they appear. You're in control.

With Social Fixer, you can hide posts in your news feed once you've read them. It's like email - you don't want to continue seeing emails in your Inbox after you're done with them, do you? No - you archive them. Now you can do the same thing in Facebook - "mark as read" the posts you've seen, and next time you load Facebook, you won't have to see them again. But you won't miss anything, because if old posts have new comments, they'll get automatically shown again, highlighting the number of new comments since last time.

Wherever a photo or profile picture appears on your page, you can just hover your mouse over the small version and you'll be shown the full-sized picture up in the corner. This way you can see the whole picture without having to click on it and navigate away from your news feed. It's like having HoverZoom without needing HoverZoom!

Facebook has a terrible habit of switching you back to the "Top Stories" view of your news feed, even after you've chosen to view the "Most Recent" view. Social Fixer will automatically switch you back to the Most Recent view if Facebook decides to switch you without asking.

When you hover over many things on Facebook, you'll see a little "x" in the upper right corner. By clicking the X, you can hide that part of the screen and never see it again. Hide birthday reminders, prompts to like pages, sidebar sections, navigation items, etc.

Are you sick of the default Facebook blue and white look? Social Fixer lets you customize your view of Facebook by letting you pick from a number of different themes. Or, just pick a new color from the color picker.

If you want to post a screenshot of your screen somewhere like Reddit but you don't want to reveal your name, your friends' names, their pictures, etc, then the "Anonymize Screen" function will help. It replaces all names, profile pictures, and other identifiers with generated text, making it a one-step process to scrub your screen before taking a screenshot.

When someone posts an animated gif or puts one in a comment, Facebook doesn't show you the animated. Instead, you see a still frame. Social Fixer can replace these static images with the actual animated gifs to make your news feed come alive!

Many people find Facebook's news feed font to be too small - particular the comments which are shown in an even smaller text. With Social Fixer, you can enlarge these fonts to be a more readable size.

Social Fixer can automatically click the "More Stories" link for you at the bottom of the page, X number of times. This will bring in more content automatically, without you having to scroll down. This is especially useful when you mark stories as "read" and put them into tabs. Trust me, just try it.

Facebook often obscures the exact time of posts and comments, preferring vague labels like "one hour ago" on posts and comments. Social Fixer clarifies this, and replaces these vague labels with exact times, so you always know exactly when someone wrote something.

Social Fixer adds a "reply" action to each comment on a post. This automatically populates the comment both with the name of the person you are replying to, and tags them if possible, so they will get a notification that you have replied to them. You can even highlight text in the comment before clicking "reply", and Social Fixer will quote the text and insert it into your comment, so the person knows what you are replying to - just like in email.

Social Fixer lets you customize how your chat panel is displayed by hiding thumbnails, forcing the pop-up style chat panel, or even making sure you are logged out of chat every time you load a page.

You can tame the Timeline by customizing how it appears. If you dislike Timeline, Social Fixer can help.

Some users are annoyed by Hash Tags on Facebook. Social Fixer can change how they appear, or hide them completely, so they don't annoy you.

In your left column, Social Fixer can optionally add collapsible boxes to provide quick links to all the Pages you like, your Events, your Groups, and your Apps.

If you're a web developer, or if you just want to tinker with CSS and how things look, Social Fixer gives you direct access to add page styles if you want to. Just enter in some custom CSS and it becomes automatically live on the page. In fact, there are a number of user-created styles that are compiled into a listing of ideas. Almost anything is possible using custom CSS!