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Matt Kruse
PO Box 165
Hampton, IL 61256

Hi, I'm Matt Kruse, the author of Social Fixer. This app if FREE, but I do humbly ask for donations to support development.

I am a software developer in my day job, but I spend hundreds of hours during nights and weekends working on Social Fixer. Why? Largely because I like creating cool software. But I also use it as a way to make a little side income through donations, so I can offset my time at the computer with great experiences with my family.

Right now, I am working hard to plan a Spring Break trip back to the beach for my wife and kids. It will be "funded by Social Fixer", so I appreciate every donation that will help me create an amazing family vacation. Lots of small donations add up to a BIG difference for me!

I hope that Social Fixer works well for you and makes your Facebook experience better every day. In return, I hope you'll join other users in rewarding me for my work (using the links to the right), so I can reward my family, and continue putting many hours into this project for all of you.

Thank you!!!


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