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Hi, I'm Bela Lubkin. I've been helping Matt support & code Social Fixer for the last few years. Releases 29 & 30 are almost all my work, as Matt's been super busy.

I've really enjoyed battling Facebook's constant changes, trying to keep Social Fixer alive despite FB changing everything all the time; offering the best Improved Facebook experience we can put together.

Matt has graciously agreed to focus the donation efforts of this release towards me and my family.

My wife and I live in California with three children, three cats, and assorted spiders.

Our youngest daughter has a chronic disease (ME/CFS) which makes her extra vulnerable to contagious diseases. She went from studying Musical Theater in art school to -- wham, stuck in a bed unable to even stand. We've been hiding away throughout the pandemic, trying to protect her. I had to cut my official job hours to keep up with her treatment.

Please help support us. Anything you can contribute will help a great deal! A bit of income from SFx will help me continue to find time to work on it. Compare your Facebook experience without Social Fixer and ask yourself: wow, what is that worth?!

Thank you!!!


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Matt Kruse
PO Box 165
Hampton, IL 61256

Do you appreciate a Facebook with no Sponsored Posts, Hidden Sections, and More?

I'm Matt Kruse, the author of Social Fixer. I'm not a big company - I'm one guy! And to make this a viable project, I need your support. Social Fixer exists because of people like you who have donated in the past to support the project and give some control back to Facebook users. Now it's your turn.

I use Social Fixer donations to save up for family vacations with my family, which give me a break and a chance to recharge. Lots of small donations add up to a BIG difference for me! Though only a small percentage (~ 1.5%) of users actually donate, if everyone gave $10 I would literally be a millionaire! lol ;)

I hope that Social Fixer works well for you and makes your Facebook experience better every day. In return, I hope you'll join other users in rewarding me for my work (using the links to the right), so I can reward my family, and continue putting many hours into this project for all of you.

Thank you!!!