Social Fixer has a wide range of features to make your Facebook experience better. Here are some of the popular ones:

Powerful filtering capabilities allow you to create rules that process the posts in your feed. Hide stories by keyword, author, application, etc. Organize your feed into tabs to group posts into categories. Advanced users can even apply HTML classes to posts that match rules, and add CSS styles to customize how they appear. You're in control.

Filters are powerful, but not everyone will understand how to create them. Luckily you don't have to! Social Fixer supplies a number of pre-made Filter Subscriptions for you that you can simply add with one click. As Facebook changes, Filter Subscriptions are automatically updated for you in the background, so you never have to tweak them to keep them working correctly.

One of the pre-made filters you can simply select is to hide "Sponsored" stories in your news feed, aka ads. Since Social Fixer works at the code level, it can see and hide posts that other tools like AdBlock can't.

Another pre-made filter you can click to add filters posts related to the 2016 U.S. Election and Politics. One click removes all the political junk from your news feed, so you can stay friends with people without seeing their political opinions.

Force the "Enter" key to create a new line in comment boxes, rather than submitting the comment.

With Social Fixer, you can hide posts in your news feed once you've read them. It's like email - you don't want to continue seeing emails in your Inbox after you're done with them, do you? No - you archive them. Now you can do the same thing in Facebook - "mark as read" the posts you've seen, and next time you load Facebook, you won't have to see them again. This way you can focus only on the new content.

Whe photos are posted, Facebook automatically runs its AI to identify keywords in the photo. Social Fixer can expose these tags and show them to you when you hover over photos.

Facebook hides Messages sent to you if they aren't from a friend they recognize. Social Fixer alerts you to these unseen Messages so you can read them.

Change the User Interface of Facebook, from colors to fonts to sizes or anything else you want to do using custom CSS rules. If you don't know how to do this, don't worry - there's a list of tweaks to pick from, and it will keep growing as new customization options are added to Social Fixer.

Facebook has a terrible habit of switching you back to the "Top Stories" view of your news feed, even after you've chosen to view the "Most Recent" view. Social Fixer will automatically switch you back to the Most Recent view if Facebook decides to switch you without asking.

Turn on the "Hide Parts of the Page" interface from the menu, and your page lights up with areas that you can hide forever. Just click the ones you never want to see and they'll stay hidden! You can always choose to see them again later by opening the interface and re-enabling those sections.

Do you have a theme or a set of custom CSS that you want to always apply to Facebook? And maybe share with others? You can define an external CSS url to include into the page, so your styles will always be visible on Facebook and you can update it any time you wish.

Backup all your settings, filters, tweaks, and data at any time by exporting your user preferences. Import all or part of your data later, in a new browser, or for a friend who wants to start with all your settings.