Social Fixer 22.0 Release Notes


Social Fixer Version 22.0 addresses some known problems and adds some enhancements.


Install the 22.0 update from

Major Changes

  • Fix “Enter in Comments” once again, after another FB code change
  • Friend Tracker Improvements
    • Added an ‘Okay All’ button
    • Notify about unfriends only after several absences (guarding against flaky FB data, friends who periodically suspend)
    • Separate options to notify about re-friends vs. unfriends
    • ‘Check for friend changes after this many hours’ setting wouldn’t save
    • Display alerts in reverse chronological order (of when Social Fixer noticed, NOT when actually unfriended – we cannot detect that)
    • Change some wording to avoid words ‘unfriend’ and ‘re-friend’
  • Improvements to Hide/Show Parts of the Page
    • Allow local debug hideable items to augment the subscription list
  • Added filtering by ‘Group Posted In’ and ‘Page Posted By’ types

Minor Changes

  • All Display Tweaks changes apply to current page without reload (previously some did / some didn’t)
  • Move ‘Find Wrench Menu’ and ‘Find Control Panel’ to top of Advanced menu
  • Change names so Support instruction to ‘click Find Wrench Menu’ is unambiguous
  • Recognize all posts in FB post search results, if FB shows them as full posts
  • Update Firefox logo
  • Remove spurious dot in Social Fixer support groups: ‘Like · · [date]’ -> ‘Like · [date]’
  • ’[?&]no_sfx’ in URL makes Social Fixer do nothing (for debugging)
  • Fix occasional gibberish tab names when naming tabs after post author
  • Improve capture of ‘Post Action’ filter data
  • Fixes to some ‘tips’
  • Improve debug logs


  • The experimental ‘Stay On Page’ feature pops up and whenever you try to navigate away from Facebook. Disabled by default, this is not a feature most people will want.

Questions? Problems? Need Support?

The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer