Social Fixer 29.0: Fixes and Improvements


Social Fixer Version 29.0 Release Notes


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Important Changes

  • Fixed hiding of Sponsored Posts for most users
  • Improved ability to mark different types of posts ‘Read’, including events, Marketplace items, Sponsored, fundraiser donations, and cover photo updates
  • Fixed Wrench menu and Control Panel disappearring
  • Fixed wrench menu notification counts
  • Improved Hide/Show performance and functionality
  • Added back ‘Open Messages In Full Tab’ feature
  • Fixed ‘Check For Filtered Messages’ feature on most browsers

New Features

  • Added a master font size option
  • Added a master Social Fixer user interface scale option
  • Filters can now have separate ‘click to hide’ and ‘click to show’ messages
  • Added ‘Any Hashtag’ filter search type
  • Added initial support for Facebook Marketplace item ‘posts’

Internal/Minor Changes

  • Improved reliability of Infinite Scroll Prevention
  • Improved performance and reliability of Comment Navigator / Expand Comments
  • Added a ‘words to avoid clicking’ list for Expand Comments
  • Added control over when Expand Comments action window closes
  • Improved detection of Sponsored posts
  • Fixed ‘Link URL’ & ‘Link Text’ filter search types
  • Fixed ‘Group Posted In’ filter search type
  • Fixed ‘Page Posted By’ filter search type
  • Fixed ‘Post Action’ filter search type
  • Fixed / brought back ‘App/Game Name’ filter search type
  • Fixed ‘Author’ filter search type on some page types where it didn’t work
  • Fixed post filtering unintentionally matching some post comments
  • Filter matches are now tested against each instance of some search fields: ‘Any Hashtag’, ‘Link URL’, ‘Link Text’, ‘Photo Caption’; so ‘Any Hashtag’ ‘Equals Exactly’ ‘sfx_rocks’ matches ‘#hello #sfx_rocks #there’
  • Made ‘NOT’ able to be applied to all filter search types
  • Added support for plain string searches to existing string filters
  • Added control of ignore case / Match Case to all string filters
  • Added filter actions allowing to mark or unmark posts ‘Read’
  • Added filter action allowing to unhide posts (to override a prior filter)
  • Fixed post filtering ‘replace’ action to work on post author name
  • Fixed post filtering ‘replace’ action to work on post ‘action’
  • Added filter field expansion ${any} to insert the first parenthetical match
  • Added filter field expansion ${all} to insert all parenthetical matches
  • Added expansion joiner for ${all}: ${all:15:/} might emit ‘match1/match2/m’
  • Fixed a problem when a filter tried to hide the first post on the page
  • Fixed a problem which caused some posts to not be filtered at all
  • Changed permalink filtering: filters run as normal, but ‘hide’ won’t hide
  • Fixed an issue with stray Post Action Icon filter & wrench menus appearing
  • Added start times to post postdata & filter logs
  • Added all searchable post fields to Filter Debugger output
  • Fixed various issues with post tabs
  • Added attempt to ‘seek’ the right 1st tab to view, when filters move posts
  • Added logging of various post state transitions in Post Data: being marked or unmarked ‘Read’; hidden, moved or copied by filters
  • Added identification of extension ‘store’ and ID to Support data
  • Fixed ‘Redirect Home Links’ to act only on left-click
  • Made ‘Force Most Recent’ allow other feeds like ‘Top Stories’, ‘Favorites’
  • Made ‘Show Photo Tags’ feature work on non-English Facebook user interface
  • Made wrench menu put itself away when hit ESC
  • Made wrench menu appear earlier during page startup
  • Reduced impact when disabled via wrench menu
  • Made extension manager’s Options button work when disabled via wrench menu
  • Fixed top bar layout problem in RTL locales
  • Fixed ‘Fix Enter’ feature on chat / messenger after Facebook code change
  • Repaired ‘Fix Enter’s ability to label its buttons ‘Comment’ vs ‘Reply’
  • Improved ‘Fix Enter’ interaction with ‘Today’s Birthdays’ page
  • Improved ‘Fix Enter’ to remove its buttons when no longer needed
  • Made ‘Fix Enter’ alternate / emergency mode work in more situations
  • Updated to use newer Promise-based Userscript API
  • Added support (Userscript only) for, mainly for ‘Fix Enter’
  • Fixed Userscript startup issues with Greasemonkey
  • Userscript tested on Firemonkey Userscript manager for Firefox
  • Reduced the probability & impact of any future ‘date blobs’ issues
  • Reduced the impact of Scroll To Comment when its CSS is empty
  • ‘mark Read’ will by default remember post IDs for 28 days (up from 4)
  • Changed to force only the ‘Read’ posts named in a permalink to be visible
  • Added the ability to hide ‘Read’ posts which are visible due to a permalink
  • Added an option to style posts clicked visible after hidden by a filter
  • Fixed subscribed filters & tweaks showing ‘updated’ when they didn’t change
  • Improved error handling when loading subscription data from SFx servers
  • Improved error handling when loading user saved settings

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer