Social Fixer 30.0: Fixes and Improvements


Social Fixer Version 30.0 Release Notes


Install the 30.0 update from

Important Changes

  • Added support for FB’s new post comments popup
  • Adapted Expand Comments to automatically continue within the post comments popup
  • Fixed ‘Fix Enter’ in the post comments popup
  • Fixed an issue causing a blue bar or large blue-and-white band over the page
  • Fixed an issue which made many features fail on all browsers on Mac OS: Post filtering, Post Action Icons, mark ‘Read’, and Infinite Scroll Prevention

New Features

  • Expand Comments now works in the comment viewer popup
  • Expand Comments now works in the ‘theater mode’ side column

Internal/Minor Changes

  • Fixed certain posts being hidden when opened from a notification
  • Fixed certain posts being hidden when opened in a comments popup
  • Fixed ‘ghost popup’ left when marking post ‘Read’ in comments popup
  • Fixed a case where Expand Comments would mistakenly hide all comments
  • Further improved post ID detection
  • Fixed a situation where a group ID could be picked up as a post ID
  • Improved permalink detection & logging
  • Added handling of ‘reels’ single-post pages
  • Fixed a case where filters would miss post text contents
  • Fixed post filtering on ‘App/Game Name’ field after a FB change
  • Fixed post filtering missing some post text content
  • Improved debug messages about why filtering was not run
  • Made ‘post-funnel’ menu appear even when filtering is disabled
  • Fixed another way for the wrench to get lost
  • Fixed multiple Post Action Icons trays appearing at once
  • Fixed ‘Reset All Data’ failing to reset some settings
  • Fixed a condition where ‘Fix Enter’ could fail in chat
  • Fixed spurious Submit Comment button when input was empty
  • Fixed expansion of ${array:width:joiner} to allow joiners other than :

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer