Social Fixer 26.0 Supports New Facebook Layout


Social Fixer Version 26.0 Release Notes


Install the 26.0 update from

Major Improvements

  • Many changes to support Facebook’s “New Layout”
    • Filters based on post text content work, including hiding Sponsored Posts and Politics
    • Auto-switch to Most Recent
    • Checking for Filtered Messages
    • Fix Enter in comments to be new line
    • Hide/Show parts of the page
    • Options menu has “verified” badges next to features that work
    • Added a link under the wrench menu to to switch back to the old layout

Minor Changes

  • Wrench should appear more quickly and reliably

Internal Changes

  • Improved positioning and style of the “Submit Comment” button
  • Fixed layout of Available Display Tweaks table
  • Fixed Anonymize to apply to names which have been hovered
  • Fixed Anonymize to apply to accounts which are currently disabled
  • Fixed pasting filter definitions into ‘Advanced Code’ box
  • Fixed blank filter or tweak left by canceling ‘Create A New’
  • Ensure the wrench does not appear on the FB login page
  • “Fix post timestamps” option fixed after FB code change

Questions? Problems? Need Support?

The Support Team and the Social Fixer user community can help you out in the Social Fixer Support Group, located here:

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Matt Kruse, developer of Social Fixer